1. STRATEGIC PLANNING 1.1 MISSION STATEMENT We are dedicated to plan, organise and supply/provide any kind of events, creating a warm, welcoming and unforgettable experience to our customers and their guests. We have a high variety of rooms, scenography tents, widespread green areas, surrounded by a classic and vanguardist ambience. We seek to be recognised for our high quality hospitality to the customer, for our teamwork and for creating new opportunities to our partners, consultants and suppliers. 1.2 VISION In 2020 El Castillo Marroquin will be recognised in Cundinamarca as a business leader in the planning of event service, meetings and concerts, achieved through our passion, commitment, leadership and quality. Continously El Castillo Marroquin will create new surroundings and environments, that will provide unique experiences, and will contribute to the social and economic development of Chia. 1.3 OUR PHILOSOPHY El Castillo Marroquin is recognised because of the passion of its teamwork which shows a high commitment with the view of giving to the customers and their guests an unforgettable experience. Commitment: As a company we want to show a high level of confidence to our customers, proving that our team is totally committed to the customer requests. Customer Service: Our duty is to provide to the customers an unforgettable experience complying with their needs. Teamwork: Our team feels that the customers are a part of our family and for this reason will receive all of our common effort. HO ARE WE W

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